Founder – Piti Dharr / Mountaineer / Field Instructor at NOLS

I simply believe in one thing “There are many unclaimed peaks waiting to be claimed ,”. Reaching Spiti during winter is altogether an adventure, because of its remoteness and terrain. But once we reach this land of gods we are introduced to a mesmerizing place which is yet to be explored.

“My dream is to introduce India on world map as a site for Ice climbing.

People here in India have the great potential and introducing them to a new world of adventure sports will give them a new perspective about how to earn living in these extreme winter conditions and it will open doors for world to explore the finest and most beautiful place in India – SPITI”.

Me along with the team have spent many, many years exploring. This is only the beginning for us. We want to forge our own identity in this world and we intend to share the lessons we learned during all these years with everyone
who are in love with adventure sports like we are. We intend to give new opportunities to people by introducing many more beautiful sites in coming years.

Piti Dharr Ice Fest boasts being the only organized ice festival in the country, And we welcome climbers throughout the world to come and enjoy the beauty of spiti.