Lodging & Food

Accommodation is provided on a twin/triple sharing room basis at the Sakya Abode ( the foremost homestay in Kaza run by Tsering Bodh) from the day of arrival through to the day of departure. Blankets (electric) are provided for and no sleeping bags will be required unless you are informed separately. 

Though there are attached toilets in some of the rooms, we encourage the use of the common dry toilets used locally which is the most sustainable way to go about in winters since water is hard to fetch and the pipes tend to freeze easily. There is a heated common sitting area for interaction which doubles up as the dining area. Breakfast, packed lunch and dinner are provided for based on a preset menu.

You can expect the food to be fresh and homely and the meals will generally look like the following :

Breakfast : Bread, eggs, butter and jam, paranthas, porridge, aloo puri, local bread with vegetables, tea and coffee.

Lunch : Sandwiches, mixed veg rolls, parantha and vegetables, tea and biscuits

Dinner : Daal, vegetables, chicken, mutton, rice, roti, chutney

Trust us when we say, you’ll be looking forward to each meal every single day and thinking about it long after you’re gone!